Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bead Knitting, talks and teaching

Here I am at the end of another busy week and we're at the end of March already. Yesterday I was invited to talk to the Petersfield branch of the Knitting and Crochet Guild about Bead knitting.

They are a very nice group who meet every other month in a hall in the centre of Petersfield. They don't always have a speaker, I think sometimes members of the group will demonstrate a technique or something.

They where interested in the different ways beads can be knitted as there are several different ways to work beads into knitting e.g. placing the beads between stitches in a garter stitch pattern, using a slip stitch technique to place the bead in front of the slipped stitch and knitting the bead through each stitch.

I have included a photograph of 3 beaded purses I have designed. I do sell purse patterns and as offer them as kits which include everything you need to make the purse. More information about the patterns and kits can be found on my website.

Talking of bead knitting, one of my City and Guilds students, Heather, had her beaded bracelet pattern published recently in Magknits - 'way to go Heather'.

On a slightly different subject I am teaching a couple of 'Learn to Knit' sessions at an advertising agency in London. They contacted me a couple of months ago to teach the sessions. A couple of weeks ago I contacted the Hand Knitters Association to ask about getting some help with yarn and needles for these teaching sessions and explained what I was doing. I was a bit surprised that they where so interested in my getting this 'job' because the company approached me rather than the other way around. They are keen to promote knitting anywhere and where very interested that a company wanted to provide some learn to knit sessions for their staff.

Hopefully I will be able to get some photos of the day and try to post them later in the week.