Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Felted Knitting and Needlefelting

When I posted on Sunday I forgot I did have some images of both felted knitting and pieces of 3D needle felting. I have previously posted pictures of 2 knitted felted bags that I designed and sell patterns for.

These 2 bags where originally knitted in Elle Merino Brights (Aran weight) felting wool but as this yarn is no longer available I reworked the pattern for Noro Kureyon.

This chevron felted bag is knitted in Twilley's Freedom Spirit and then I decorated it with a needlefelted flower. The individual petals are needle felted from merino tops and then sewn onto the bag with a cluster of beads to form the centre of the flower. The pattern for this bag is now available although it does not include instructions for the needlefelting.

A couple of years ago I was asked to demonstrate needlefelting on the Elle Yarns stand at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace and then to help teach a couple of workshops they ran in conjunction with a couple of wool shops, one in Bury and one in Wells. There where photos of the Wells workshop in Simply Knitting as one of the assistant editors attended the day. Partly in preparation for these workshops I made this little teddy with needlefelting.

He is made in several pieces and the arms and legs are sewn on so they move. He is about 3 inches tall when standing and is made from needle felted merino tops. He did take quite a few hours to make. I enjoyed making him but as yet have not made another.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Talks and workshops

I've just got back from teaching knitting for felting and needle felting to the Kent Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. I did a talk to the Guild yesterday on the subject and then a workshop today.

Despite the heat all the ladies that attended seemed to enjoy the day. They where all very friendly and welcoming (as I find most Guilds and groups are) and I was very well looked after both day.

I'm booked to teach quite a few knitting and crochet workshops over the next few weeks including a couple of new crochet workshops; 'Crochet onto knitting' and 'Crochet circles, flowers hats and bags'. I've also been booked to do a number of talks to machine knitting clubs. People are still finding time to enjoy their craft interests.

A few weeks ago I taught a workshop on dyeing. Once I have got the photos downloaded to the computer I will post them on my blog. I included some 'new fibres' i.e. bamboo and soya among others in the skeins I dyed to see how they would take the dye. If I get five minutes I might try and knit some of the samples to see what the dye is like in a fabric.