Saturday, August 02, 2008

John Allen Design Group and IKnit

A couple of weeks ago I went to London for the day. I run the Farnham based John Allen Design Group and this year we went to the South Bank for our study day to collect inspiration for next year's class.

This year John set us a slightly different project using the area in and around the Festival Hall as out source of inspiration. Looking out of the Festival Hall at various views or starting from outside the Festival Hall and looking around the views and into the Hall.

Although I have run the Farnham Group for the past 13 years and used to take part in the course, in recent years I haven't had the time to participate but this year I am being strongly 'encouraged' (told) I should join the class again.

There are lots of interesting areas to work from so I will have to see how I get on. I may even be brave enough to post some of my work at a later date!

While in London I also took the opportunity to visit IKnit as it is very near Waterloo station.

The shop has lots of different yarns including a long wall of sock yarns. I decided I could resist buying yarn this time as I do have a not insignificant stash at home (even if it is my day job as well as my hobby). However they did have some interesting DVD's from America including some of the Lucy Neatby DVD's and the new Lace DVD from Meg Swanson. They also had Addi Lace needles in sizes I don't already have so I did have to spend some money there.

While I was browsing I also got chatting to a very nice lady who had only just discovered the shop which is very near where her father lives so I think she will be visiting again. Unfortunately when I visited neither Gerard or Craig where there but I was served by a very helpful lady (sorry I didn't ask her name). Although there where nice settees to sit on and knit I couldn't wait around as I had to catch the train home.

I'm sure I will visit again particularly as it is so close to Waterloo station. Here are a couple more pictures of the shop.