Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Listening to Knitting

or should I say listening to people talking about knitting. I've just listened to the 'More or Less' show on the BBC website after seeing a link from Pat Ashforth about her being on the show talking about knitting and maths. I've know Pat for many years and have her first book 'Woolly Thoughts' which links maths with knitting so it was interesting to hear her talking about garter stitch squares and their mathematical relationship. Sandy Black (knitwear designer and tutor at The Royal College of Art) was also on the programme talking about knitting.

Last year I discovered Podcasts and started listening to Knitcast the podcast by Marie Irshad. She has interviewed lots of interesting knitters and designers over the last couple of years, some from the UK but many of whom live in America; such is the wonder of technology these days. I really enjoyed these interviews as I like to hear about how people got into knitting and designing and how they work. She hasn't produced any more podcasts since August last year but hopefully there will be some more to come.

I also sometimes listen to cast-on put together by Brenda Dayne or at least I do when I can get the computer to download the podcast; I've had problems ever since my hubby got me an iPod shuffle and I had to load iTunes to use it. I think I'll have to try reinstalling iTunes and Quicktime again and see if it works better next time.

Technology is Great! I just wish I knew more about it so I could get it to work when it goes wrong. At least with knitting I know what I'm doing and can figure out a solution when I hit a problem. Back to the knitting then I think.