Friday, January 25, 2008

Machine Knitting Pattern

I knitted this jumper some time ago as an example of using a machine knititng technique called wave stitch (or pillar stitch). I have now finally written the pattern for the jumper. The jumper is knitted in Yeoman Yarn's Panama 4ply; 50% cotton 50% acrylic.

I have got to add the machine knitting pages to my website as I now have several patterns and 2 techniques booklets available. If you want more information about any of my machine knitting patterns or booklets you can contact me through my website

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Back in the swing of things

After having a bit of a break over Christmas I am now back into teaching knitting workshops and doing talks to groups and guilds.

On Monday I was at The InterKnit Cafe in Farnham teaching a workshop on felted knitting and needles felting. The photos show people busy knitting during the workshop. The workshops are held on a Monday as the shop is normally closed on a Monday except in the autumn run up to Christmas. As the shop was closed it was possible to have the tables in the main part of the shop so everyone can sit and drool over the yarn while they are knitting!

Tomorrow I am off to Belfast to give a talk to the Machine Knitting Guild of Northern Ireland on Saturday and teach a machine knitting workshop on Sunday. This is my first visit to Northern Ireland so hopefully on Monday I may be able to see something of Belfast before flying home again.

I have been booked to teach a number of hand knitting workshops over the next few months. For details of where I'm teaching go to the Events page on my website.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Yarns

One of my City and Guilds students opened a new yarn shop last autumn. The shop is called Wa Waas Wool n'Bits in Bexhill on Sea. I haven't been to the shop as I live about 90 miles away from Bexhill but at the first class back this year I asked Fran to bring along some yarns from her shop.
She brought along a variety of new fibre yarns for me to knit samples with. These yarns are all made in Portugal.

Sole Latte is a yarn made from 100% milk fibre. It looks and feels very much like a soft cotton yarn. The sample in the picture was knitted on 4mm Addi Turbo needles. It knitted very easily to make a nice even fabric in stocking stitch and good stitch definition when knitting a knit and purl pattern. The sample I knitted gave a stocking stitch tension of 22 stitches and 28 rows to 10cm (normal DK tension). The sample I had is multi-shapes of brown but I think they also produce the yarn in solid colours.

The next yarn Capuccino is 30% milk fibre and 70% Australian Wool. Again it is multi-shades of brown but may also come in solid colours. It looks like a wool yarn and is slightly thicker than the Sole Latte. I haven't knitted a sample in this yarn yet but will post more information when I have.

The 3rd yarn is Bio Bamboo which is 100% Bamboo yarn rather than a banboo tape. It has a silky feel and the sample is knitted on 4mm Denise interchangable needles. As the yarn is silky it is a bit more difficult to knit when using Addi Turbos as they are very smooth. The Denise needles provide a bit of 'grip' on the yarn making the knitting easier. As you can see from the picture the knitting is still on the needles but it produces a good even stocking stitch and I think it should also give good definition when worked ina aknit purl pattern. the stocking stitch tension on my sample is 22 stitches and 28 rows to 10cm, the same tension as the Sole Latte sample. the bamboo drapes more than the Sole Latte as it is more like silk or soya bean yarn.

Pop Corn is the 4th yarn Fran brought along. It is made from 100% corn fibre. The yarn feels soft and the way it has been plyed gives it a slightly textured look. Again I haven't knitted a sample in this yarn yet but will post more information when I have.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Waistcoat Finished

I did finish the waistcoat before Christmas but haven't had time to upload it till now. I attached the I-cord around the edge but on the first attempt I wasn't happy with the tension or the colour section that was the next section on the ball. I undid the first I-cord and reworked it with a darker section of colour which I think works better.

I just have to get down to writing the pattern now! I may publish it in 2 versions, the one knitted in the Lang yarn and the one knitted in the Noro yarn. I'll post a message when the patterns are available.